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May 24, 2014 8:15pm EDT
quote kong and flew to moscow on his way to ecuador and got trapped in moscow by the u.s. government who revoked his passport the very same people who'd accused him of being a chinese spy instantly transformed their smear smear campaign into oh he's obviously
quote in the moscow airport. when people ask why are you in russia, i say please ask the state department. >> the u.s. state department says snowden's passport was
Al Jazeera America
May 31, 2014 12:00pm EDT
website gives moscow a thumbs down. >> al jazeera america presents the system with joe burlinger >> the dna testing shows that these are not his hairs >> unreliable forensics >> the problem the bureaus got is they fail, it's a big, big deal... >> convicted of unspeakable crimes did flawed lab work take away their freedom? >> i was 18 when i went in... when i came out i was 50... you don't get it back... >> shocking truths revealed >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america >> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested >> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people don't just need protection, they need assistance. the performance review. that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv f
May 8, 2014 5:00am PDT
the separatist cause the overthrow of the government and the siege of the ministry to build decks. moscow repeated this in mind it is for these according to an odd that the so called people's may yet get to stop when the mighty oak. he's already in that time too. this security service of ukraine also reported that all commentaries on in a safe place. the upside is apparently taking measures for them and these awful presents. the situation and sometimes kiss very tense and out of government agencies and departments are not operating in the city. this was reported by connex could do no administration saturday's captured the buildings are open to look on course to pension funds employment santa and tax administration. according to the dentist to open ten of the fact that ukraine the tyres bring much amount of explosives to study arts they will be stored in administrative buildings such as the departments of the security status the second thistle. this leaves the city council local residents supporting the anti operation informed that the tyres discussed exploding buildings and seven s the u
Al Jazeera America
May 31, 2014 11:00am EDT
voted for petro as it's new president. >>> tourists have rated moscow low. >> reporter: it is not popular pore globe trotters. in taxis, value for money and value for hotels, moscow came in 37th in urban destinations. i admit there are challenges. for one, the alphabet. and then the almost constant d diabolical traffic. how are you supposed to get across. and new york's great restaurant and nightlife propelled it to second and barcelona came in third. with so many seemingly superior destinations we were surprised to find any tourists on moscow's red square at all. >> most people were friendly, tried to speak english as much as they can. >> we stayed outside the city area. and it was depressing, especially with this weather, but in the inner circle everything changes. everybody is nice. you see people cleaning and it's beautiful here. >> reporter: soviet communism was suspicious of outsiders, and russia had 74 years of it. that's a difficult legacy to overcome. but revamped parks are making moscow's urban landscape for attractive, and the i don't thinker generation is do
May 13, 2014 5:30am PDT
-- the ukrainian government laces the blame on russia. >> for more reaction from russia let's bring in our moscow correspondent. has there been any reaction so far from the kremlin to these requests to join russia? >> rebels and the eastern part of ukraine asked to join russia but there hasn't been a reaction from official moscow on that. in terms of a statement on the referendum, it doesn't specifically say that russia recognizes the results of the referendum but it does say that moscow respect the will of the people, and some experts in russia believe it is the bargaining chip into negotiations with the west on the future of ukraine. putin wants toe, signal to pro-russian separatists to say that look, we haven't forgot about you. aftera cautious approach the referendum and crimea. theooks like for now scenario over crimea annexation is unlikely. on monday the european union imposed sanctions on 2 as wallacen crimea 13 more people. what kind of reaction has there been to that moscow? >> ukrainian and russian individuals has been added two more sanctions. one of them a top-level presidential eigh
May 26, 2014 2:00pm PDT
on a pro-european platform. one of his first steps will be reaching out to moscow. >> ukraine's president-elect says that his top priority is to reestablish peace. to produce continue to occupy government buildings. he says that action must be more effective stop >> nobody has negotiations with terrorists. we are a civilized country. we will fight for the trust of the people of the not -- and that. >> they had seized the airport early in the day. keough said they lost warning airstrikes. then they targeted rebel positions. gunmen have blocked roads to the airport. western countries, including germany, want to see results from the president elect. >> only when they could get talked to each other going to build bridges over this rift. then the countries will see political and economic stabilization. >> moscow says it is prepared to cooperate. >> as putin has said, we are ready for dialogue with representatives. we are ready for dialogue with petro poroshenko. >> he is landing talks with moscow. he stresses the importance of mending relationship. they have strong ties with europe. >> we're j
May 8, 2014 11:00am PDT
. ukraine has dismissed as they are russian president for the record was made seventh appeal for moscow to pro russian separatist in eastern regions to postpone a referendum on independence. i called the midst of protest to postpone the plebiscite called from eleven in logan's given a region more than a dozen cities there had been invaded by kremlin backed insurgents given through sunday poll to the illegal following putin's remarks ukraine's prime minister art studio tool expressed surprise that ukraine's internal affairs had been discussed with the ukrainian participation he said he hoped the organization for security and cooperation in europe and its proposed roadmap to ease tensions between russia and ukraine which reeks like ukrainian idea not just torture law yes you reiterated that the kremlin has so far refused to fulfill the promises made in geneva on april seventeen to de escalate tensions by withdrawing russian special services unit fomenting unrest in the mouth nato secretary general anders for the region has again called on russia to stop supporting the protest in ukraine a
May 24, 2014 2:00am EDT
, moscow's objectives, its fears, it solutions and its options. and we are going to talk about this and have questions and answers. but do let me focus on what i think russia is up to. and i think that moscow's top priority is the integration of the former soviet republics and this includes a security pact with and something called the eurasian movement. the unit itself is supposed to consolidate russia's position as a major poll of power and russia believes that we are thereby challenging the united states and the yukon untrained ukraine is a critical component. as it would protect russia's power into central europe as a whole and will give them a strong european component. without ukraine the eurasia union becomes more of an asian construct. and so without the ukraine, as i said, it will be fairly limited structure. and i think that the big fear with a victory of a pro-western president in a pro-western parliamentary elections that will be part of the european union and the united states. this would seriously damage russia's agenda in assembling this eurasia union and it may
May 3, 2014 7:00am PDT
to play the stock. oh well. while good news. free to go to moscow and boy says he's negotiated the release of a dozen european industry observers felt like pro russian emissions. as the key west in and sits as an acceptable the bloodiest day of violence in south eastern ukraine. giving up hope afghan officials say they're on my key to finding more survivors following devastating landslide in the remote north east of tasman to two of the region since two thousand one hundred people. lunch dismissed as a keeper candidates. just weeks before he gets presidential election critics say the counter. he is no contrast to the front runner. finance continues to mock the running. what the cure disease update you all for the cats. the analogy of servers held captive in sloppy on skin eastern ukraine have been released this undertake the development was announced our nearby and moscow envoy it's also been confirmed by the tens of pro russian separatist leader and get more on this map and you get the above that in moscow. she joins us by sky. do you want to be noah and his report released on the osce mo
May 2, 2014 5:30am PDT
ration on pro-moscow rebels has resulted in rebels downing two ukrainian helicopters. the u.s. president holds sessions with the german chancellor in washington around putting up a united front against rush over ukraine. radicals suspected of being behind the latest targeting of a suburb of the nigerian capital. 19 dead as a car bomb detonates in busy traffic. this is "france 24." also coming up on the program we will have a fourth round up with the latest on the europa league. we will be looking at the u.s. secretary of state's tour of africa and asking what are the u.s. interests on the continent. two ukrainian helicopters have been shot down during an assault near the rebel held town of slaviansk. kiev confirmed two pilots have died. separatists say one militant was killed. it is the first major operation against rebels who seized government buildings in a dozen cities across southeastern ukraine. mark thompson has more on events. >> earning barricades on the outskirts of slaviansk after ukrainian forces launched an operation to retake the eastern town from pro-russian m
May 11, 2014 2:30pm PDT
with few identity checks and an absence of independent observers. even moscow has distanced itself from the vote. this man appeared to vote several times. this man declared himself the leader of the people's republic of donetsk. he's hailed the vote as a success. >> the legitimacy is reflected out. large for now we're awaiting the official reaction, especially from our brothers in russia. >> in the eastern city of maruipol, people waited in long lines to clash their ballots. a number of people died in clashes there on friday. the majority who voted voted in favor of breaking away from kiev. maruiupol e of understand they must vote for the referendum. look at all these people. are you in favor of the donetsk people's republic? [cheers] >> ukraine's interim government and western powers have called the vote illegal and their focus is turning to the national election set for may 25. >> joining us now is or our rrespondent kitty logan from donetsk. the separatist leader is saying he'll regard kiev's force as occupiers after the vote. what do you make of that? >> he made those statements t
May 30, 2014 2:00pm PDT
a payment to moscow of $750 million is on the way. >> in india, outraged after the hanging of two girls after they were gang rate -- gang-raped. we start in ukraine, where there are growing concerns another european observer team has been detained in the east of the country. the organization for security and cooperation in europe says it has lost all contact with team of four observers. >> this comes after a separate team of observers went missing on monday. it is believed they are being held by separatist rebels. despite the volatile situation in eastern ukraine, the government in kiev says it is making progress towards regaining control. fighting has left its mark in eastern ukraine. a mortar attack tore through the walls of this hospital friday morning. kiev has vowed to press ahead with its military offensive until peace and order have been restored. >> our military units have removed separatists from the southern and western parts of the donetsk region, as well as from northern parts of the region around luhansk. >> europe's top security watchdog, the osce, says pro-russian militan
May 2, 2014 2:30pm PDT
quickly on additional steps including further sanctions. for reaction from moscow, i spoke with daniel sanford a short time ago about what impact the existing sanctions were having so far. >> i think at the moment, they are causing a great deal of nervousness in the financial markets. they are causing a continual slide in the value of the ruble, which means imports into russia which are important to people's standard of living will start going up. people will start feeling an impact in their pockets. at the moment, the sanctions that have targeted president putin's inner circle are not at this stage affecting ordinary people very much. only one of the banks was targeted by the sections. that affected the payment system a bit, and there was a bit of a readjustment. i think the key thing would be if further sectoral sanctions were brought in. in that case, the russian economy will suffer very badly. it's already in recession. i think it could start to spiral badly if further sanctions were imposed. it issident obama says obvious to the world these protesters are heavily backed by russia.
May 2, 2014 8:00pm PDT
and of course the members of nato and moscow. um but when you put it in the way you did i would say what the united states needs to do in conjunction with moscow. and in conjunction with the tomato is move towards some position of neutrality towards ukraine. i don't mean crimea but i mean what's left of ukraine's crimea. i think is a done deal should be treated as a done deal before the negotiating posture that the eu and nato take with moscow. but we need it most sides to understand that is neutral you try ukraine not one moving towards nato. not anytime in the forseeable future. moving towards makeup and not one and only under the sway of moscow. but one that is left alone to get its act together. it's a basket case right now. governance wise financial wise economic and trade wise. it needs to be left alone so i can work on its own problems in its own time and more or less become a stable country that's not to say that others can help it. china and turkey the united states brazil europe. they can get financial and economic assistance and even signed trade deals with us all be done in c
May 7, 2014 11:00am PDT
the guy who stopped by jenny loved defend ourselves trying to divide his people. this plan moscow for cracking down on the muslim minority in the backseat and so on gemini has also voiced his concern in the eighteenth anniversary of the forcible deprecation of cars from creamy and seventy years ago is still the union which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of cars instead of his people might get arrested on tuesday from their intricate our flag in holding marches. the general prosecutor for the crane beach and natalia book on sky and has warned the muslim community that the toot our self governing province imagine this will be liquidated if it supports extremist activities the announcement followed with the korean prosecutors cited as a legal non stick to the team's receiving a tense standoff between hundreds of muslim minorities and riot police to teach our community has endured over mystified gemini is banned from entering kind me on the fourth of may least five years. demonstrations in kyiv that resulted in the overthrow of president viktor yanukovich versus an ext
May 12, 2014 6:00am EDT
referendum or election. the people organizing them didn't pretend to meet the standards. >> in moscow, it is said while putin called for the vote to be postponed it comes as surprise that russia expects the results. >> moscow takes a different view from william hague. we heard from sergei lavrov a few minutes ago actually quoting from a statement issued earlier today. a short statement issued by the kremlin basically saying the referendum in donetsk in eyes of moscow represented the will of the people there. moscow noted the high turnout in those votes and made it clear it would respect the votes. wi&=p. kremlin condemned what i described as attempts to sabotage the votes with the use of violence including the use of heavy weaponry against civilians. those are words of kremlin. there was also a call for dialogue between kiev and donetsk and luhansk for the results of referendum and the organization in europe could be part of a dialogue. >> is moscow going to be worried if there are more sanctions from the eu? >> i don't think moscow will like the idea of more sanctions. will it be wor
Al Jazeera America
May 31, 2014 2:00pm EDT
community. >> it may boast some of the most recognizable sites in the world but moscow is not popular with globe trotters, it seems. moscow came bottom in trip advisers' list of 37. i'm new to moscow, and i admit there are challenges. for one, the alphabet. then there is the almost constant diabolical traffic. how are you supposed to get across these roads, any way. the helplessness of tokyo's residents helped it to the top of the chart. new york was second and barcelona came third. with so many seemingly superior destinations we were surprised to find any foreigners on moscow's red scare at all put but there were plenty and despite a few grips by and large they were happy. >> people have been friendly and manage to speak english as much as they can. >> we stayed outside of the city center, and it was really depressing, especially with this weather, but if you enter the inner circle, everything is nicely polished. you see people cleaning and it's beautiful here. >> reporter: soviet communism is suspicious of outsiders, and russia has 74 years of it. that's a difficult legacy to overco
Al Jazeera America
May 15, 2014 2:00pm EDT
. tensions between moscow and washington. >> nothing. can ever break us. >> and the u.s. president opens new york's 9/11 museum, some of the victims families aren't happy. >> tickerdy's government is facing an angry backlash. water cannon and tier gas to break up a protest by trade union. four of the country's biggest unions called for the strike. they say workers lives are being jeopardized. the sense of aingeer and frustration isn't being helped by pictures showing an advisor to the prime minister kicking a demonstrator. he appears to attack the man as he is held on the ground by police. but for the families of the dead, the grief goes on, funerals have been held for dozens with more rescues all but lost. first andrew simmons has this report. >> all over this area, the grief is intensifying. so many young lives lost doing a job that is poorly paid. have encouraged her 25-year-old husband to find work elsewhere, he was only a few weeks away from becoming a sergeant. they married seven months ago, all over there are gathering like this, some of the aingeser subdue add feeling of social injus
May 6, 2014 11:00am PDT
to pre rally with guns baseball bats and can provide is what the really cheap but chooses to moscow with instigating the chaos which are often concrete imports to the open weekend while the scope since it was a inspired paul to the west with diametrically different claims and counter claims flying in germany is still pushing for a fresh set of diplomatic talks in geneva between ukraine and russia the eu and us to push her return to the court agreed last month and encourage all sides to lead the way. on the way . the is use. great news for new england. i need to turn of the most obliging in love. she's trying to digest all this land moscow for cracking down on the muslim minority the consumer. china has also voiced his concern in the eighteenth anniversary of the forcible deprecation of cars from claiming a thousand years ago the city union which resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of times and it is people might get arrested on tuesday from there it's a tough ride in holding matches. the general prosecutor for the crane beach and natalia oakland skynet has warned the mus
May 22, 2014 5:30pm PDT
for the past two days. about 16 hours ago, i departed moscow, where moscow, where i traveled to interview edward snowden. he is widely referred to these days as the most wanted man in the world, the interview was months in the making and cloaked in the secrecy of his life as a fugitive living in exile overseas. our conversation went on for several hours and we're still going through it all and just starting the process of seeking comment from all those people and entities he discussed. we are going to air snowden's comments next week on the other side of the three-day memorial day weekend and in prime time on wednesday night at 10:00, 9:00 central, you'll be able to see him and hear him tell his story, including a lot we have not heard before and as you will see and hear, edward snowden has a lot more to say. >>> now, to dial back to our lead story tonight. we've been covering a dangerous situation unfolding in arizona. a massive wildfire exploding in size today, ten times larger than it was at this time yesterday. tonight hundreds of firefighters are struggling there to contain it as tho
May 23, 2014 10:00am EDT
would like to do is to briefly outline for the. moscow is objective and its solutions, and its options towards ukraine. i think we are going to cover the u.s. policy options as well. maybe ariel is covering that and we can talk about that in question. let me focus on what i think russia is up to. the objectives i think these have been fairly clear for so many years they have become more transparent during a presidential term. and moscow's top priority is the reintegration of the former soviet republic based on the tighter economic links and culminating in the political security pact within something called the eurasian unit. the unit itself is supposed to consolidate their position as a major power. they believe we are in a multi-polar world to challenge the united states and in competn in europe and other parts of the world. it is a pivotal component of the kremlin's goal. as ukraine's inclusion within this union, i would project russia's power into central europe and europe as a whole and in the union a strong european component. without ukraine, the union becomes more of an asian co
May 23, 2014 4:00pm EDT
during boot and posh residential term. moscow's top priority is the reintegration of the former soviet republics based on tighter economic links and culminating in political security known as the eurasian union. union itself is supposed to consolidate russia's position as a major power. they believe that we are in a multipolar world. it will more effectively challenge the united states. competition in europe, as in other parts of the world. component a pivotal of these goals. as ukraine's inclusion in this would- eurasian union project russia's power into central europe. it would give the eurasian union a strong european component. without ukraine, the union becomes more of an asian construct. kazakhstan andf armenia are on track to sign a treaty. ukraine, it will be a fairly limited structure. moscow's fears. the big fear is that ukraine will spill out of its cross. -- grass. p. they would pursue closer ties with the european union and the united dates. this would seriously damage russia's agenda. there would be this neo-imperial union. moscow is anxious about contagion from ukraine t
May 9, 2014 5:30am PDT
in moscow as russia as marking the sixty ninth anniversary of its victory over germany in world war two and ask how can every year the parade is how the red square in moscow russian president. like napoleon made a speech ahead of the term rates praising the veterans in the world or to you and calling them a nine a d and sorrow into them and hide. he also said rememberance have been held across the nation to commemorate the death in war th and this year's event features sixteen the ninth and helicopters but the one hundred and forty nine military depots and over eleven thousand troops making of her brave the largest show of precious millet spray my friends called. and in the end of what clark. russia has had a military parade at moscow's red square on ninth every year apart from four years in the early nineteen nineties. it's a class of soviet union. want to pray would talk earlier to a crisp on top barnum us down take a listen. this is the largest mission parade of its kind of a two day mission parade since the collapse of the city union those grades getting larger every year they bein
May 2, 2014 6:00am EDT
of sloviansk, a move by moscow is punitive. two are killed and another reportedly captured after two helicopters are shot down. officials in donetsk say pro russian separatists have taken control for the center of railroads in donetsk, the mining city, stopping all train services. let's go to sarah who joins me from donetsk. this is an ominous development as the railroads are seized by pro russian separatists. >> reporter: it is. of course it comes after a number of insulations here, key buildings, government building, prosecutor office here in donetsk taken over by pro russian groups. this is latest in that sense. it comes after the interior minister put out the word saying trains would be stopped. he said the railways would be closed down. difficult to know what to make of it. certainly another in a long line of key places now in the control of pro russian forces. >> sarah what about sloviansk, different parts of the city held by different factions including ukrainianss, pro russians and so on? >> reporter: not so much the city, no. the surroundings of the city. inside sloviansk it
Al Jazeera America
May 22, 2014 5:00pm EDT
continues armed men are killing each other, and it's unclear how much the leaders in kiev or moscow control the action. it's inside story, next. hello, i am ray swarez. when the former left his country, and headed to russia, the parliament quickly seated a new team, and called elections for may. russia plucked crimea from ukraine, and called the new government in kiev illegitimate, not one that represented the countries people. carriesion that carries the potential for the country to make a fresh start to suddenly looking fragile. >> killing at least a dozen troops and wounding more than 33. >> we destroy add check point, the fastest ukrainian army deployed. seven it happened 20 miles south of done necessarying. a city that declares independence from ukraine earlier this month. and in the town just outside shelling destroyed several homes. residents complained, about being caught between the troops and rebel cross fires. what can i say about these people that shot at us. what can i tell my son about the people and whey that do. power to ukraine? can i say that? i don't understand it. >> the
May 6, 2014 8:30pm PDT
estate to wealthy russian clients today the sun shows the businessman from moscow and is white. vacation condo worth eleven point five million us dollars. russians like vacationing in miami during the winter to escape the harsh moscow weather because they are direct flights to moscow. i can and should win. will. do you. i'm so nice to me. well the russians had competed to invest. it's often said that it can build and ten million dollar condos here. you won't have any trouble selling that was fine for the media fleet purchase something that they would fight back and probably the single. also if they live in a new employee that ends with a matching the time. on the bike. the past couple of years. more stores have begun selling food and other items from russia. the supermarket is called the truth. so why in the art and pastries fill the shelves the employee and he also has a store that sells books and magazines from the home the air. you can also hear rustling being spoken here and there. in fact some people call this area of miami little moscow the locals are surprised by the transformatio
May 23, 2014 5:30pm PDT
.s., and president obama. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in moscow tonight and starts us from there. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. in some comments putin said he would deal with whoever wins presidential elections in ukraine this weekend, but his tone changed when he talked about washington and he said president obama effectively is to blame for the entire crisis in ukraine. violence in ukraine, ahead of this weekend's presidential election. at least 40 killed in the past 48 hours as government troops fight pro russian separatists. before a friendly audience in an economic conference in st. petersburg, it was putin's turn to unload on washington. accusing the u.s. of medaling in russia's backyard and backing an illegitimate ukrainian government. he admitted u.s. sanctions are hurting business but saved his sharpest jabs for president obama when questioned by cnbc's jeff cutmore. >> president obama accused you of untruths when it comes to supporting some of the separatists groups. >> who is he to judge, seriously, putin asked. if he wants to judge people, w
May 20, 2014 6:00am EDT
other 60 kilometers outside moscow. it was a freight train and passenger train. there are reports four have been killed and at least 15 are injured. the report is coming in. details of the train crash, the latest information is that four are killed and 15 injured. >>> the south african court ruled the athlete oscar pistorius will undergo a month of psychiatric test as an outpatient before the court trial can continue. the judge explain what had the full psychiatrist would try to establish. >> to acquire whether the accused by reason of mental illness or mental defect was at the time of the commission of the offense criminally responsibly responsible for the offenses charged and whether the wrongfulness of his act or acting in accordance with the appreciation of the wrongfulness. >> the words of the judge in the case. milton is in pretoria. thank you explain the huge halt in the proceeding? >> reporter: well this is because the prosecution has put an application for this referral. the prosecutor gerrie nel put the application on the basis of what was said by a defense witness dr. foster
Al Jazeera America
May 7, 2014 12:00pm EDT
president has called on separatists he said moscow has withdrawn troops for th froe border. separatists behind the referendum said that they will consider whether or not to postpone it. interesting words from the russian president. it seems to be a change of tact, doesn't it? >> it does seem to be a change of tact calling for a postpon postponement of the referendum that was supposed to be held this sun, and then welcoming reaction from leaders who say they respect president putin and say they will take his statement under consideration when they meet tomorrow. we might have a confirmation, but that's not the end of the story, however, you have a lot of buildings in the southeast of the country which are occupied by separatist forces so it's very difficult to organize an election under those circumstances. so another key statement from vladimir putin was that he supports the presidential election. now if he's able to influence the separatists to postpone the election, and to leave those administrative buildings or otherwise support the elect elel process. that would open the door. >> th
May 28, 2014 9:00am PDT
and trap me in the moscow airport. so when people ask why are you in russia, i say, please, ask the state department. >>> and that's exactly what the "today" show did. >> well, for supposedly a smart guy, that's a pretty dumb answer, frankly. >>> gr day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we'll have more on edward snowden, afghanistan and a lot of other issues. >>> but first, the world lost a powerful voice for freedom today. maya angelou died at her home. she was 86. a look at this truly phenomenal woman. >> ladies and gentlemen, maya angelou. >> best selling author, prolific poet -- >> i wrote this piece for every human being on earth. >> reporter: -- and so much more. maya angelou was an activist, actor, nominated for a pulitzer, and tony for her role in the mini series "roots." but angelou's place on the world stage didn't come easy. her life struggles fueled her work. >> you can stumble and fall and fail and somehow miraculously rise and go on. >> reporter: born in st. louis, missouri, in 1928, her childhood was marked by sexual abuse. traumatized, she refused to speak for six years.
Al Jazeera America
May 31, 2014 9:00am EDT >> moscow has been give the thumbs down by travel website. reports are that it is expensive, unfriendly, and lacking in shops. but is it really that bad? >> it may boast some of the most recognizable sites in the world, but it is not popular with globetrotters. moscow came bottom of 37 urban tourist destinations. >> reporter: i admit there are some challenges. number one, the alphabet is incomprehensible to many in the world. and the traffic. how are you supposed to get across these roads any way. >> reporter: tokyo was at the top of the charts. new york was second and barcelona was third. with so many seemingly superior destinations we were surprised to find any foreigners on mosc moscow's red square, but there were many. >> most people have been friendly. trying to speak english as much as they can, and we managed to get there. >> we stayed outside of the city center and it's depressing especially with this weather, but in th in the circle everything is nicely polished and beautiful here. >> reporter: soviet communism was suspicious of outsiders, and russia has 74 years of it, that's
May 7, 2014 9:00am PDT
for eastern ukraine this could trigger new sanctions against moscow. a thai court says prime ministry election law violated the constitution when she appointed staff the court ruled that she and several cabinet ministers does leave office on teddy excellent in bangkok has more the course is how the net and is not implicated in the violation can remain in office until the next cabinet is full and deputy prime minister apple cake a and i said that he went on to win some ice on who is one of five to keep revenues will temporarily take it the ttc as prime minister. nhk well tell when someone so much reports. twenty eight centers on a complaint with the thai constitutional court. a lesser being wrapped round her for national security chief to another position three years ago for her own benefit you local level. she accused interfere in matters of government something that was full with their own interest in that it is prohibited by the constitution. under the constitution see how he cannot remain in office. not deny any wrongdoing on wednesday i don't believe me that i have always done my gc to th
May 22, 2014 4:00am EDT
on. we will have an exclusive interview with the chief executive officer of the moscow stock exchange. ♪ >> let's see how the markets are trading this morning. jonathan ferro has your asset check. >> these are your european equity markets. we are doing pretty much nothing. flat,ve the cac 40 dead the ibex dead flat, the ftse down by 0.5%. you have had a dovish fed. you had the china pmi at a five-month high. a recipe perhaps for a higher equity market. the clue is in the euro zone data. in a word, divergent. germany delivers, and then you have france. zero percent on gdp. the bond market is doing the talking. spanish bond yield below 3%. 2.98% right now. the ecb, the market expects. will they deliver? >> still to come, boycotted by barcode. find out about the tech driven protest against russia's role in ukraine. >> you can always follow me on twitter. tweet us what you think of "the pulse" and join in the conversation. we are back in two. ♪ >> this is "the pulse." >> several explosions have torn through an open-air market in china. the area is home to millions of muslims. recent a
May 8, 2014 7:00pm PDT
lead to his stupidity continues. moscow by the way blowing hot and cold for mr said the law frost warning is french counterpart it would be quote senseless up for ukraine to hold in the twenty fifth presidential action omelette skip all that government forces from the east and starts a dialogue on a new constitution. here in france v e day commemorated on the eighth. now the ninth of may as it is the east of europe president paul scored on taking the opportunity to state that russia's president is still very much invited to next month's commemorations of the seventieth anniversary of d day the white house putting to rest any hope of any one on one meeting between barack obama and biden are put in during those commemorations. indeed a chance for or tongs in the current context to hammer home the need for united europe. commemorations began the atrocities in general do cool stuff cheap. and president assad on to proceedings in the presence of the former president's grandson the vehicle the bacon gun then escorted the president to be up to the left wing pay tribute to those lost in b
May 9, 2014 7:00am EDT
lives. earlier he took the absolute in moscow as 11,000 troops marched by as well as a marine unit flying a flag. this report by our worldmdmdy the russian leader didn't mention these directly but his message seemed to have a modern says resonance. >> it is a day of national triumph, of people's pride, a day of sorrow and eternal memory. it's a holiday when an all conquering force of patriotism triumphs. when all feel acutely what it means to be loyal to the mother land and how important it is to defend its interests. >> there was a marine university from the russian black sea fleet flying the crimean flag in the parade. it's mr. putin's flexing of muscle in the crisis that's left the rest of the world wondering what the final fallout will be in the standoff. from here mr. putin headed for crimea where there's a planned parade in sebastopol. this victory day in donetsk at the heart of the pro russian revolt in eastern ukraine. a moment of calm perhaps and for the dwindling number of veterans. tensions of modern politics in this troubled region remain unresolved. they're marking the
May 12, 2014 7:00am EDT
on government for backing. moscow says it respects the results to be implemented in a civilized manner. sarah has this report from donetsk. >> reporter: the morning after the referendum, sloviansk gives a strong hold. there were clashes with government troops overnight on the outskirts. now there's an uneasy calm. across the region, they've been collecting the the votes. they claim a record turnout. this was no ordinary ballot held along side the armed men now in control here. the rebels say this region has spoken now, that its destiny is decided. away from the barricade, i found people divided, even among russian speakers. one told me the referendum was a fake. >> there are lots of nationnati. they are not just russian. >> i want to join russia. so far that response has had little impact here on the ground. >> these attempts of referendum have zero credibility in the eyes of the world. they are illegal by anybody's standar standards. they don't meet any standards of being properly conducted. >> events are moving fast. >> reporter: the rebels are talking of a parallel government, even a milit
May 30, 2014 3:00am EDT
moscow. good morning. the ukrainians now have the money thanks to the imf. are we going to see a deal? >> i expect that we will see a deal. there is a lot of pressure coming from europe, from germany . talks are taking place in berlin. the germans are pushing ukraine to use some of the bailout money. in total, ukraine probably has billion between the imf, euro and the bond issue. they are using some of that to pay down the extending debt and put pressure on both sides to come up with terms of agreement on a new contract. nice that the imf and eu can help support ga zprom. >> i guess from the russian perspective, this is a highly politicized dispute over unpaid utility bills. depending on which side of the political divide you are on, it comes down to the fact that the gas bill hasn't been paid. the existing contract is clearly unfair to ukraine. they need to pay down some of the outstanding debt. also there needs to be a renegotiation of the contract. that is the issue on the table the terms of that new contract. cracks the focus is more on what is happening in the east of the country
May 12, 2014 12:00am PDT
is not known what moscow and ukraine will do when it is announced n one of the cities participating, 89% of the votes were in support of self rule. they say 10% voted no. voter turn out, 75%. >> it was said to be chaotic at times, officials are denying allegations of voter fraud. in the eastern city. >> on the bottom of the screen here, on a kremlin-run tv news channel, it is clear what moscow wants. detailed instructions for the next mornings, for locals to turn up here and vote on the referendum. just on the road, it is busier at first. all you need say passport. if you are not on the list, fill out a form. valdimir putin asked for the vote to be delayed. debate beforehand, a pretty certain outcome, clear who is in charge. results are accounted it is clear which way this is going to go. a lot of yes, only one no. >> today, turn-out in the region is 18%. for example of 1,200 votes counted in one place, 40 or so were against. >> the big question, how does moscow react to this? how does kiev respond? the armed forces so close by. >> the solitary vehicle carrying the russian flag. whose
Al Jazeera America
May 31, 2014 6:00am EDT
the highest slope on every continent. >>> moscow has been given the thumbs down on annual world destinations. expensive, unfriendly. a lack of good hotels and shops. but is russia that bad? rory challenge has been finding out. >> it may boast some of the most recognizable sites in the world but moscow is not popular with globe trotters it seems. moscow came bottom this trip advisor's list ever 37 urban tourist destinations. i admit there is some challenge. for one, the a alphabet. the almost constant traffic. new york's great restaurants and night life propelled it to second and bars malon barcelona. we were surprised to see any foreigners on moscow's red square at all, but they were very happy. >> tried to speak english as much as they can and we managed to get to the center. >> stay outside the city center and it's all the communist gray area, depressing especially with this weather but if you enter the inner circle, everything is nicelnicely polished. and it's beautiful hereby. >> soasoviet communism is suspicious of outsiders. a revamped gorky park. a younger more anglophone population.
May 2, 2014 11:00am PDT
and take off missiles and when it's killed the separatists who believed to be receiving help from moscow who began to construct new barricades in the city to help their attacks from the ukrainian military ship is attested in recent days that it has lost control of parts of east ukraine back to front his talents in its new warning that the country is going through its most danger is ten days since it gained independence in nineteen ninety one ukrainian authorities accused moscow of courtney's unrest in east ukraine and called on the kremlin to pull back troops from the russian ukrainian border. i was. he should get a better deal wrap the middle ages the job i work with the pitocin with reasonable. i was in the day with no nothing. i won. on my blog. let's look at all. he did. that big. it was. twenty one. one new one. yesterday the eastern ukraine sparked an armed separatists has led to divide among donetsk president speaking those who want a referendum and joined the russian federation and those who did not speak but we just thank the eleventh of may but the russian protesters has provok
May 4, 2014 8:00pm PDT
will be too strong to overcome scotia not tea. my dear son the us to moscow from the beginning of this week and love to date no sunday evening following the protest of the interior ministry building sixty seven anti government activists would release of several hundred reichstag to radicals in the so called my self defence causing the roaming the city streets. then the ones who toppled the protest is on friday thus members of the far right groups police of ukrainian flag. this footage to what's left of the hood and trade union building then the mosman know that god is headed to the interior ministry to protest the release of the anti government activists has bought the new head of mr addressed the crowd the previous into the cheap stuff aside by the interim prime minister. the filing of a product of the country's medical say that we mobilized and waiting for reinforcements to come from kiev and cocoa. now moscow could pay the price if kiev fails to take control of eastern ukraine after the upcoming presidential election due this month washington and berlin boats and the armrest is bush's f
Al Jazeera America
May 2, 2014 5:00pm EDT
, in five months it's moved from a tilt towards moscow in kiev to counterdemonstrations that pulled down the government of viktor yanukovych to a creeping russia, to the eruption of protests across eastern ukraine, to what we have today, a situation inching closer to all-out fighting to russian alined irregular forces and ukranian military forces. as uptions and storming the buildings spread, the kiev government threatened retaliation and publicly acknowledged it lost before the fighting began. when the ukrainian government fought back, russia, a foreign country, warned ukraine about trying to reoccupy its open government buildings on its own soil. the tempo of fighting is increasing and people continue to die. >> reporter: pro-russian forces brought down two military helicopters in slovyansk - one using a sophisticated surface-to-air missile. this man is said to be a survivor. two other helicopter crew members were killed, along with a pro-russian militiaman. it was the first sign of the kiev government's counteroffensive to reclaim the eastern part of the country. [ gunfire ] >>. >> op
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